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Brisk Walking for Healthy Bones

We may not really think about our bones as we grow old. But once a person reaches the ripe age of 60, one should start to think about the health of our bones. This is most true for our elderly individuals. That is why home health care services encourage and facilitate several activities elderly individuals … Continue reading

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Protection For Seniors During Winter

When everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, seniors who go out for Christmas shopping are susceptible to the cold. They can be at risk of fall or slipping accidents, hypothermia, and other threats that the weather brings about. There are some measures to protect the elderly under your home health care services from hazards. … Continue reading

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Tips to Help Aging Loved Ones Manage Their Medication

A lot of seniors rely on medications to maintain their health. So, for seniors taking multiple medicines at once, proper management is vital. Unfortunately, this is something that seniors struggle with. Whether it be due to old age or something else, they often have trouble keeping track of their medications, thus leading to over/underdosing and … Continue reading

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Why Walking Is Beneficial to Seniors

Most medical professionals believe that walking is the most ideal exercise seniors can do every day. Some scientific studies have proven that walking is just as effective as running. It is the safest exercise for seniors that can be performed to slow, moderate, or intense. With the help of our professional and licensed caregivers here … Continue reading

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Senior-Friendly Ingredients for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and all of us are probably already making a mental note on what to buy at the supermarket for the much-anticipated feast. Although Thanksgiving has become a symbol of festivity and epicurean excess, senior citizens need to be wary of dietary restrictions that they may have. If you have … Continue reading

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