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Brisk Walking for Healthy Bones

We may not really think about our bones as we grow old. But once a person reaches the ripe age of 60, one should start to think about the health of our bones. This is most true for our elderly individuals.

That is why home health care services encourage and facilitate several activities elderly individuals do to keep their bones healthy. One of those exercises is the ever-simple, ever-effortless walking.

Of course, there are many types of walking. We have brisk, power, race, stroll, chi, marathon, Nordic, steady, and amble. All of these types of walking are beneficial. They all strengthen the bones, prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, and reduce heart-related diseases like heart attack and high cholesterol. Walking also lowers the risk of diabetes and stroke and keeps the weight healthy.

There’s one type of walking, in particular, we are seeing as good exercise. That’s Brisk Walking. This exercise is not as strenuous as running but not as slow as walking. It is a perfect exercise that is safe for our elderly yet would still allow the muscles, the bones, and the heart to effort and work on a much-elevated strength.

Our home health services in Chillicothe Ohio, Comfort and Care Health Services LLC, want you to have a happy, comfortable life. This is the life where you enjoy your well-being. The healthier your bones are, the more you can do different activities with your friends and family. We see walking as not just an exercise for your bone but also for your social health as you get to go out and mingle with others.

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