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Protection For Seniors During Winter

protection-for-seniors-during-winterWhen everyone is busy preparing for the holidays, seniors who go out for Christmas shopping are susceptible to the cold. They can be at risk of fall or slipping accidents, hypothermia, and other threats that the weather brings about.

There are some measures to protect the elderly under your home health care services from hazards. And here are some of our tips:

  • Wearing winter clothes
    Everybody knows people have to wear clothes for the weather, but do you know what materials work best? Layering their wardrobe would be more comfortable, as they can easily remove the top layers when in warmer areas. Cotton is a terrible choice as it absorbs and holds sweat, making seniors more prone to hypothermia. Choose a long polypropylene thermal underwear as the base, wool, or silk as the mid-layer, and waterproof insulator and wind guard jacket for the outer layer.
  • Help them with errands
    Grandparents can be busy shoppers during holidays. Bulky gifts can obscure their vision, and that might lead to bumping, tripping, or fall incidents. Help them with heavy items to make the task easier.
  • Cook hearty meals
    You can prepare hearty foods and drinks to make the seniors feel warm. Soups can be the best choice, and may contain healthy ingredients.
  • Monitor their vitals.
    Providers of home health services in Chillicothe, Ohio, may need to check the temperature, blood pressure, and other vitals to know if changes are happening and to prevent medical concerns, too.

Our company name says it all! Comfort and Care Health Services LLC is here to assist you and keep you safe while you enjoy the best years of your life. For more information about our home health agency in Chillicothe, Ohio, please call 740-773-0063.

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