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Understanding Heart Attack and the Care the Sufferer Needs

Understanding Heart Attack and the Care the Sufferer Needs

Making healthier choices is important to reduce the chances of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Although there is no sure way to totally avoid a heart attack, keeping your body healthy will decrease your risk. And in case your loved one experiences a heart attack, your knowledge of the disease will help you become well-prepared to help during and after the episode.

How to Tell If It is a Heart Attack

Warning signs of heart attack can differ in each individual and in a number of cases, a person may not even experience symptoms at all. In case the health of your loved one is threatened by the symptoms he is experiencing, you need to be proactive. The most common symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain, discomfort in the upper body including the stomach, back, and shoulders, sudden fatigue, shortness of breath as well as dizziness and nausea.

Things To Do If a Loved One has a Heart Attack

If you are sure that your loved one is having a heart attack, here is a guide to follow.

  1. Call for medical emergency help. Ensure that you call a local medical emergency hotline or 911 for help. It is important that your loved one will be sent to the hospital right away.
  2. Don’t panic. Although it seems not possible, but try to stay calm to be in your right mindset. Let your loved one sit down to rest and relax. If he is in pain, let him take a prescribed pain medicine.
  3. Perform CPR. In case your loved one has lost consciousness, a CPR is important. You can perform it if you are certified; otherwise, you will need to wait for the arrival of a medical specialist to perform it.

Things to Do After a Heart Attack

After a heart attack, your loved one will need extra attention as he recovers from the condition. If you need professional caregivers to help him recover and assist him with his daily routines, you can count on our home health agency in Chillicothe Ohio. Below are some helpful ideas you can consider to help your loved one with his recovery.

  1. Encourage him to keep moving. Although still feel more tired or weaker than usual, your loved one needs to continue with daily routines to gain back his strength.
  2. Prepare heart-healthy diet. This can minimize your loved one’s chance of having another heart attack. Encourage the consumption of the whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
  3. Give him emotional support. Your loved one may often feel angry and depressed during the recovery. He needs your support in the process and encouragement to get back to doing things he loves.

If your loved one needs health services while recovering at home, call Comfort and Care Health Services LLC at 740-773-0063.

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