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Guiding Seniors To Gain Healthy Bones

Guiding Seniors To Gain Healthy Bones

In this season of Mother’s Day, it is best to emphasize how important having strong and healthy bones are for the aged women, who are living in most home health agency in Chillicothe Ohio. Bone health is a factor that is oftentimes overlooked. In fact, it has been found out that at least one-third of women, aged 50 and above, will experience bone fractures secondary to osteoporosis. As a care provider, you must understand that when you pay attention to bone health, then you are also preempting any possibilities of fall risk which could be secondary to your clients having brittle bones. Because understanding bone health is imperative, it is likewise necessary to see what different risk factors may be present. These risk factors could be fixed or modifiable for that matter.

The Different Risk Factors

The fixed risk factors for getting osteoporosis could be age, heredofamilial disease, gender and history of previous fall or fracture. Whereas, modifiable risk factor could be due to poor nutrition, unhealthy eating habits, deficiency in calcium and vitamins. That is why, in this case, when you find out in your assessment that your client is at great risk for osteoporosis as seen in the fixed risk factors, then you need to focus on what could be done on the modifiable risk factors in order for you to offset the bigger possibility of your clients from developing osteoporosis. This is the best defense that you and your client could ever do so that you will not let them suffer from osteoporosis.

Things to Modify

You can look at having a balanced diet so that you can let your clients get the essential nutrients which they might need in each meal. It is best to offer your aged client foods that are rich in Vitamin D and calcium which could help in their bone density; this is what has been done in Comfort and Care Health Services LLC. It is likewise a good opportunity for you to encourage your senior clients to engage themselves in different physical activities, and that it’s necessary that they will avoid the negative lifestyle such as smoking, heavy drinking, as well as unhealthy eating habits. These negative habits will only bring about an increased risk for osteoporosis if not properly managed.

It is your job as a care provider to oversee how your client is managing their health well. Since you have a deeper understanding how osteoporosis is progressing and what the disease is really about, then it is a must that you take on the role of a guide, so your clients can take on the positive steps to improve their bone health. You need to take on the duty of a person worthy of admiration and that you set yourself as a good example for your clients to follow. This is the best way to aid your aged client into fully living their life in the best possible way. You could always reinforce their behaviors so that they will be away from ever developing osteoporosis.

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