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Senior-Friendly Ingredients for Thanksgiving

Senior-Friendly Ingredients for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and all of us are probably already making a mental note on what to buy at the supermarket for the much-anticipated feast. Although Thanksgiving has become a symbol of festivity and epicurean excess, senior citizens need to be wary of dietary restrictions that they may have. If you have seniors coming over for thanksgiving, make sure they enjoy the food as much as everyone else by getting these senior-friendly cooking ingredients.

  • Tuna and salmon for omega-3.
    Omega-3 is beneficial for senior citizens in more ways than one. It’s linked to decreasing the chances for the body to develop cancer cells and heart disease. Besides that, it also improves eye health, brain health, and fights of depression.
  • Brown rice for fiber.
    Brown rice is packed with fiber that can help seniors with indigestion. Brown rice also promotes regular blood flow because of its low cholesterol.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetable juices for vitamin D.
    Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, such as orange or carrot juice in your thanksgiving dinner give senior citizens a boost on their calcium intake. This promotes better bone strength and lessens bone-related conditions among senior citizens.

Preparing for a feast that seniors can also enjoy might seem restrictive but it’s far from the truth! Home health care services, such as Comfort and Care Health Services LLC, have been planning their client’s meals for years. It just takes an ounce of creativity and knowledge to ensure that senior citizens aren’t only getting the proper nutrients from their food but enjoying it as well. We offer various home health services in Chillicothe Ohio. Give us a call and find out how we can assist you with your home care needs.

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