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Senior Citizens, Stay Healthy this Summer! (Part 2)

Senior Citizens, Stay Healthy this Summer! (Part 2)

Summer can both be enjoyable and dangerous. One is that it is a great time to bond with your family. When else are the grandkids available than that in the summer season?

But the season can also be dangerous as it can risk you of heat stroke and various other heat-related illnesses . Even if the sun is shining brightly on our face, we hope we can save more people by continuing our list of summer guidelines for seniors.

  1. Hydrate yourself

    Summer heat is the number one enemy of every older adult. As we grow older, our ability to conserve water deteriorates. Other than that, have you noticed that you are not aware of your thirst during the recent years? Also, is adjusting to temperature changes giving you a hard time?

    All these are normal because of aging. But the danger to not addressing this problem is that becoming dehydrated will be easier. And dehydration is a serious health problem.

    What is the solution? Just drink plenty of fluids, especially those drinks that are rich in potassium and salt. This will replace all the water you have lost in your body during the summer season.

  2. Keep everyone notified

    Even if you are just in your garden, you need to tell your family members, friends or caregivers that you will be staying out for a while.

    It is also the job of your caregivers to monitor your well-being from your blood temperature to the medications you are taking in. This may be their job but you also need to participate in the process of keeping yourself healthy.

Summer should be a time of the year to unwind and relax with the whole family. It must not be a time of distress and emergency. Enjoy your upcoming summer this 2017 and may you spend it with the people close to your heart.

But if your loved ones are not around for the whole season, you can always call for Comfort and Care Health Services LLC . Our Home Health Agency in Chillicothe Ohio helps in building a healthy and responsible community.

We have with us professional nurses, caregivers and companions who can tend to your needs in your home. You will not only feel safe but your family will also be relieved of their worries regarding your overall well-being.

Make the finest choice this upcoming season. Stay healthy and enjoy quality health care in the comfort of your own abode.

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