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How a Home Health Nurse Helps You Recover Well


If you were given to choose between being cared for by a stranger or a family member, which would you select? You might probably think this is a no-brainer question. Most of us, if not all, will prefer being cared for or assisted by people we know by heart. Even if they’re not family by blood, knowing that we are attended to by family by heart can give us comfort in our times of distress.

For this reason, home health services in Chillicothe Ohio becomes a bridge between providing professional medical care and giving a comforting presence at the same time. When you have a sick or recovering loved one at home, the assistance of a home health nurse can be trusted because the nurse will perform the following:

  • Assessment of living space
    While the home setting is a more preferred place for patients to recover, it’s still not an automatic option. Your home still has to be evaluated if it can meet certain standards on cleanliness and care practice. You might need to make some indoor renovation. This all depends on how the nurse evaluates if the patient’s living space can be conducive for their speedy recovery.
  • Reviews client health history
    Nurses providing home health care services also take charge of reviewing the patient’s history. They see to it that the treatments they receive at home will not compromise their present care. For instance, if staying at home exposes a diabetic patient to unhealthy meal eating even in the past, they have to ensure it won’t happen again in the present setup of care.
  • Evaluates patient progress
    The home health nurse is the patient’s advocate to the doctor and the doctor’s messenger to the patient. Because of this, they make a careful evaluation of their progress to ensure that the patient is meeting the health goals as expected.
  • Evaluates caregiver capacity
    At home, the patient will also be cared for by a family caregiver. The home health nurse will make observations on whether the assigned person is bathing the patient the right way, lifting them with proper position, or others. The family caregiver is the patient’s daily one-on-one assistant, so it’s vital that their capability is ensured.
  • Recommends better care options for client
    In the event that a patient’s condition progresses and the home setting no longer remains ideal for their care, the home health nurse will make other recommendations for better care. They can recommend a hospital, a nursing home, or another care home. This way, the patient will continue to receive the overall care they deserve.

At Comfort and Care Health Services LLC, we consider ourselves as the patient and their family’s ally. In our service of being a home health agency in Chillicothe Ohio, we have been providing dedicated and highly qualified staff to handle patient’s needs at home. If you’ve been looking for this kind of service, contact us.

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