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Gentle Geriatric Massages for the Relaxation of Elders

gentle-geriatric-massages-for-the-relaxation-of-eldersIt can be tiring to finish our daily tasks. Our bodies have their wear and tear, and if we abuse them, that could be the start of the occurrence of health concerns. What more to the elderly, whose bodies decline as they age.

The elderly need pampering and relaxation from time to time, and there are recreational activities for their comfort. Massages provided by caregivers as part of home health services in Chillicothe, Ohio, will help them in many ways.

  • They help relieve body pain, muscle strains, and headaches.
  • Promote good quality sleep.
  • Increase flexibility, joint mobility, and strength.
  • Relieve anxiety and depression.
  • Improve blood circulation.

Give gentle strokes and presses if your seniors have a low pain tolerance. Hard massages are not advisable for elders with brittle bones and similar conditions. And do not stretch too much. They might incur fractures, and we do not want that to happen. Always ask if they are feeling better with the massages. Consider their pressure preferences, too – it might be too hard or too soft for them. And if they require more comprehensive Physical Therapy for certain conditions, aim for our home health care services.

Our company name says it all, Comfort and Care Health Services LLC always aims for the comfortability of your senior loved ones. With proper care from our dedicated and enthusiastic caregivers, you can guarantee progress and betterment in your existing conditions.

If you are an elderly looking for a home health agency in Chillicothe, Ohio, call us at 740-773-0063.

If you are one of our satisfied clients, feel free to answer the quick survey on this website. We will appreciate your feedback.

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