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7 Ways to Show Your Support to a Cancer-Stricken Loved One


“I have cancer.”

This is probably the worst news you will ever hear from your loved one. Knowing that the person you hold dearly in your heart has a life-limiting illness is shattering. This may be difficult for you to accept. However, you should be brave for your loved one’s sake.

Comfort and Care Health Services LLC, a home health agency in Chillicothe, Ohio, enumerates some ways on how you can show your support to a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer:

  • Be there for them to listen.
    “But I don’t know what to say.” This is a common dilemma family members and friends face. They find it terrifying to stay with their cancer-stricken loved one for fear that they may not say the right words. But being with your loved one does not mean that you have to utter words of comfort. Rather, it means lending them your ears.
  • Give them hope
    When we hear the word cancer, one word comes immediately to mind: death. Although cancer has been associated with death, it is not true in some cases. There are many blogs in the net written by cancer survivors. Let your loved one go through them to encourage them that there is still hope.
  • Make your own research.
    Allot some time to learn about the medical jargons associated with cancer. You should also run a search (you can use Google) about the symptoms attributed to it. In this way, you will be able to understand your loved one’s behavior changes.
  • Keep your cool.
    We understand how it feels like to witness your loved one suffer from a life-threatening disease. But showing your frustration, anger, or sadness will not help them. This will just make them more depressed. As much as possible, try to hide your negative feelings from them.
  • Make them laugh.
    Cancer is a serious illness. It can cause stress to the patient, as well as to you and other family members and friends. Try to lighten up everyone’s spirits by throwing some humor. As the popular saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”
  • Encourage them to seek available treatments.
    There are various treatments available to help a cancer patient manage the symptoms. These include complementary therapies such as massage therapy, fitness programs, nutritional counseling, and other symptom management plans.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for a care professional’s help.
    Caring for a cancer-stricken loved one is a lot to take on your own. You need professionals to guide you. At Comfort and Care Health Services LLC, we provide an assortment of care services that will suit your loved one’s needs.

Your loved one does not need to stay in an unfamiliar environment. We deliver our care services directly at their doorstep. Our services are categorized into seven: skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aide, IV therapy, and wound care.

If you wish to inquire about our services, you can reach us by phone at 740-773-0063 or e-mail us at

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