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How to Help Make your Old Folks Happy

How to Help Make your Old Folks Happy

Old folks portrayed in movies are often stereotyped as grumpy people. We get it. They are cranky because there may have been regretted some point in their life. Others become irritable due to the unfortunate process of aging.

Some of the things we say or judge among our seniors may be true. However, this is not the case in each and every senior citizen we meet. In reality, many of these old souls are the sweetest and the most caring people we have ever encountered in our entire life.

Whether these elderly are your blood relation or some random stranger you met at the park, we can all agree that we want nothing but to see smiles on their faces. How can we help make these people happy? Below, we list things you can do to send smiles on your grandparent’s faces:

  • Calling them

    If you cannot make it to grandpa or grandma’s house, calling them would do. Nothing would make them extremely happy than a call from their grandkids. Ask them how they are doing and share what had changed in you. Catch up on the latest events.

  • Checking their house out

    When the elderly is living alone, a lot of things can happen to them. They could neglect their safety or even forget to take care of themselves. Make a major inspection. Check if the garden is still tended to. Look for signs of neglect.

  • Cooking for them

    The saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is not only limited to men. In fact, it can also be applied to women and even your grandparents. So impress them with your cooking skills!

  • Exercising with them

    Tell your grandparents you care for them by doing activities that will help them cope with old age. Exercising is one activity. Make it fun by participating in their exercise routines.

  • Making a scrapbook of memories

    Grandparents love to remember the good old days. Help them reminisce the past by creating an album. You will surely have fun as you get to learn more about you as a child, your parents as teenagers and your grandparents as adults.

  • Sending them brain games

    Dementia has been crippling seniors all throughout the U.S. But people can still combat the condition by making their brain active. Sending your grandparents some board games like chess, Sudoku, puzzles, etc. will boost their memory and will help keep their brain working. With this, dementia can be avoided.

    Plus, you can tell that they will absolutely play the games knowing that the present is given by their grandchild.

  • Respecting them

    Grandparents will always be grandparents. They may become cranky at times or can become quite annoying. But one thing is for sure: you love them and they love you back unconditionally. Continue respecting them and stay respectful.

  • Teaching them technology

    Grandma may be good at knitting, grandpa may be the finest gardener, but at least you know how to use Facebook and a smartphone. Children, unlike older people, can grasp new information easily. What better ways to bond together than teach them something you are good at?

  • Visiting them

    Rather than sending grandma or grandpa a card or calling them, why not physically visiting them? Of course, you can do this when you are capable. Give them a surprise visit.

  • Helping your parents

    There is a huge probability that your parents are doing the things we have listed above. Help them. It will surely make them and your grandparents happy and proud.

  • Calling for a competent caregiver or providers of quality health care services

    As much as we want to be with our grandparents, we have responsibilities at work or in school that inhibits us from sharing a good time with them and caring for them. But you can ask experts to do it on your behalf.

Comfort and Care Health Services LLC is the number one home health agency in Chillicothe Ohio. With us, your grandparents will be cared for in their own comfort. So refer them to us by going to our website at

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3 responses to “How to Help Make your Old Folks Happy”

  1. Find out how to help lonely or socially isolated elderly people in your community, including volunteering for organisations that support older people.

  2. Help alleviate this problem by taking shorter showers, being careful when washing dishes, not leaving the water running when you brush your teeth, and generally paying attention to how you use water.

  3. Help alleviate this problem by taking shorter showers, being careful when washing dishes, not leaving the water running when you brush your teeth, and generally paying attention to how you use water.

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