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Heart Disease: Men vs. Women

Heart Disease: Men vs. Women

Looking at it, a woman’s heart is very similar to that of a man’s; however, there are significant differences that we need to keep in mind. For instance, a woman’s heart is often smaller compared to a man’s — so are its interior chambers. The walls that are designed to divide these chambers are also thinner. Additionally, a woman’s heart pumps faster than a man’s but ejects about 10%less blood with each beat.

When a woman feels stressed, her pulse rate rises and her heart pumps out more blood. When a man experiences stress, however, the arteries of his heart constrict, raising his blood pressure.

Now, you might be wondering “why do these differences matter?”

Well, they matter because gender affects the symptoms, treatments, and outcomes of some common heart diseases.

Although heart disease can happen to anyone at any age, seniors are at higher risk of being diagnosed with one.

At Comfort and Care Health Services LLC , we help keep your loved ones safe with reliable home health services in Chillicothe Ohio administered by certified and skilled home health aides. Whether it’s companionship or heart-healthy meals they need, our team is at their service!

Our home health agency in Chillicothe Ohio only has your loved one’s best interest at heart.

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