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5 Tips Elders Can Do to Fight Hypertension


Hypertension is the increase of blood pressure in the heart that creates a tension in the arteries and blood vessels as the force of blood pumps high. It is usually due to unhealthy habits such as skipping of meals, consuming too much food rich in sodium, and staying up late at night. This, in particular, is also one of the manifestations a person acquires when faced with situations that call for fear or worry. Additionally, when hypertension is consistent, it can lead to serious cardiovascular issues such as stroke, heart failure, loss of sight, and heart attack. With this, it is highly important for elders to prevent such kind of condition as they continue to age. In essence, here are five tips they can do to fight high blood pressure:

  • Exercise (Workout)
    Develop a simple workout routine that you can do regularly. This will not only make you physically fit but it can also wash out all the toxins inside your body. Correspondingly, it too releases oxytocin that can make you feel good. This, in effect, reduces the chances for you to be stressed and manifest high blood pressure. However, it is important to note that this can only be achieved at utmost consistency. If you stop, there is a high chance for high blood pressure to come back.
  • Watch what you eat
    It is important to select a variety of foods that is nutritious and low in sodium and cholesterol. Fruits, vegetables, and other less salty and fatty meals, but are rich in potassium, are ideal to reduce high blood pressure. This too can help you prevent from acquiring other possible illnesses. If needed, you may also coordinate with your physician or your dietitian to determine which type of foods would be best suitable for you.
  • Lessen Coffee Intake
    Coffee can also be a significant predictor of high blood pressure. Reducing your coffee intake can reduce the effects of caffeine on your body. With this, caffeine will not be able to take part in increasing your high blood pressure.
  • Stop Vices
    Be a smart and responsible individual. You too should avoid vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol as these habits may worsen your condition over time. Aside from that, this too can increase substantial harm and adverse effects to other parts of your body that may greatly contribute to your condition.
  • Live Positively
    Chronic stress can also affect your blood pressure negatively. To reduce such thing, you need to surround yourself with great positivity and a healthy mindset toward things. It is also important to know the common things that cause you stress so you will be able to address them effectively. Doing this will decrease your chances of high blood pressure.

Constant monitoring of your blood pressure is also needed to further note the progress of your condition. As your trusted Home Health Agency in Chillicothe Ohio, Comfort and Care Health Services LLC is here to help you with utmost convenience. We provide skilled nurses and reliable home health aides who can help you with hypertension the best way possible. For more information, you may visit our website at or contact us at 740-773-0063.

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